brayden & kaylie denny

brayden & kaylie denny

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello (to the few who read my blog). Sorry for the dely in posting. We have had a crazy couple of months and are just now taking a breather. phew! here are some of our fun going's-on's. cousin hayes came home from his mission in phoeniz, az! yeah! we love him!

Then we had a family easter egg hunt and i got bring my favorite girl!! Tatum Rose! I babysit her about every week and i LOVE it! she is adorable! see for yourself!

Then cousin Kaitlyn came to visit from new york when her sister paige had her second baby Ruby! While she was here we got to play with her hair! We had fun color melting! Thanks Kait for being patient with me!

Then Kandis went to Prom! Fun for her! She was beautiful and had SO much fun! We always have fun getting her ready for the dances! isn't she beautiful!!
Well there in a nut shell is our busy lives. We are both doing good, brayden is working hard and excited for what the future holds. He (as always) is SO good to me. I sure do love that man!! I have been loving my job and I hope there is a change in the future with that! More to come! Thanks!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful Bride

I don't know why this won't fully download, but at least you can see her eye make-up!

My friend Kenna was getting married! Since this is what I want to do for a day...I asked her if I could do her hair and make-up for her wedding. She (who was planning to wear her hair in a pony tail) was happy to let me play dress up with her! It was so fun! She was the best! Here are some photos of what I did! Isn't she beautiful!?! My 3rd official wedding I did!! FUN!!!

Brett Parker Kingston!!

We had an additon to our family recently! Brett Parker Kingston!! Oh how we love him! He arrived after a long day of labor for poor Andra! He couldn't be more perfect though! LOVE HIM!!

Could you ask for a better blessing??

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Friday was "LOVE BRAYDEN MORE DAY". We each have 1 day out of the year where we do something extra special for the other one. March 2 is Brayden's day. Lucky guy!
For those of you who didn't know, Brayden has been sick all weekend. He came home early from work on Thursday, and didn't work on Friday. Luckily, he was feeling up to go to the NON REFUNDABLE Jazz vs. Heat game. haha. He was sure a trooper.
We invited our good friends the Chantrey's to come with us. They are so much fun to double date with! unfortunately she is a little camera shy. :)
For those of you who didn't watch the game, it was seriously AMAZING! And that is saying a lot because I don't normally like a basketball game until the 4th quarter. As a back story, the Miami Heat were ranked 2nd in the nation, and our Utah Jazz....well let's just say they were ranked a little lower.
The Jazz sure brought their A game though! They were playing AMAZINGLY! I was intrigued the WHOLE game! The game ended Miami 98 and Jazz 99!! SWEET GAME!!

Brayd and I in our Jazz gear!! GO JAZZ!

We were defiantly in the nose bleed section...

Tyler and Jessie....I don't know why she is camera shy, she is BEAUTIFUL!

All in all it was a pretty great LOVE BRAYDEN MORE DAY!! He is the best blessing in my life!
 Love you babe!

love is where you find it

Friday morning we were looking out our office window and this is what greeted us! THIS WAS NOT ON PURPOSE! what a great way to start a busy day at the dental office!

this reminded me of a saying. "Love. it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Love never fails." take today to find love somewhere you don't normally find it.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

and...we're back

hello! yes, we are alive. shocker huh? it has been way to long since i have posted, i know, shame shame. but new year, new resolution! this will be fun. i am excited to update all of you ( like all 3 of you who are still checking to see if i post...thanks for besing such loyal friends) in all of our recent adventures. as you probably know brayden and i are quite the vaction nuts, we love seeing other places and looking for new adventures. so more pictures and posts to come! thanks!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

.....i am a slacker....

Well, i am back! It has not been quite 8 months, but it sure has been a long time! Thanks Katie for making me come back!!

Here is a few highlights on our past 11 months! Well pretty much a lot.  For Valentines Bradyen and I spent the whole day just the two of us, which doesn't happen very often living with his parents.  We stayed the night at the Grand America in Salt Lake and just loved being together!!

March, April, and May were pretty uneventful. 

I took June and July off of school and spent most of my days at Cherry Hill, following my mom around, reading, and hanging out at Bear Lake.  We spent almost every weekend at Bear Lake, and it was a great opportunity for us to get away. 

August, and September also went by with out much excitement.  Although we did spend every moment of those months looking for a house to buy.  We offered on many, but non worked out.  I know the Lord has a bigger plan then what I can see or understand right now.

October went by so fast. I can't hardly remember what happened.  On the 7th it was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone!! Bradyen and I re-in acted our first date!! It was so cute of him!! Then we spent the night in a hotel to get away.  He is so sweet to me!! Halloween was a blast!  I did have to go to school that day, but we got to dress up!! I dressed up as my instructor Mo, and it was hilarious! Then that night Brayd and I dressed up as Juno and Bleeker! Although most people didn't get it because they haven't seen the movie, we got a big kick out of it!!

November (present time).  November 1st......the day I look forward to all year!! Birthdays are a big deal to me, it is the only day that your entire world can revolve around you!! Who doesn't love that?? November 1st was my birthday....and boy was I spoiled!!  I had the day off of school, but unfortunately Brayden had to work.  But he didn't leave me empty handed!!  He set up a  minute pedicure at Sego Lilly Spa.  He said I needed to relax! Which I agree these past few months have been emotionally draining!! It was just what I needed! (he knows me to well) Then my mom took me shopping!!! Which is my favorite thing to do next to being with Brayden)  She bought some clothes and shoes!! It was so fun to spend some time with her.  Then that night when Brayden got home from work he took me out to eat at the Olive Garden (which is my guilty pleasure favorite restaurant)! I swear we must have eaten 100 bread sticks and  bowls of salad that we didn't have any room for our main course!! So we brought it home!! Then we went over to my parents house for some cake and ice cream and presents! It was fun.  Both of my grandma's came over and all of my sisters and my brother in law Brett! I got basically everything I wanted!! The clothes from my parents, a scarf from Kandis and Ayrion, a adorable apron from Andra and Brett, and $ from my grandparents.  Then Brayden spoiled me!! Perfume (viva la juicy....LOVE it), a purse, head phones, the cutest watch EVER, a ticket to Lady A, and new clothes!! Man,I love that boy!! Well that is all I have for now! Thanks for reading...I WILL update next week......Remind me Katie!!! haha